Cape Chin North Road Tourist Area

Devil's Monument - St Margaret's Chapel - Bruce Trail - The Bruce Peninsula - Winter


Devil's Monument - located on the shores of Georgian Bay - approach via Bruce Trail - View Map

Devil's Monument is a 44' "flowerpot" formation located inshore on the coast of Georgian Bay.This large inland flowerpot or stack was formed by wave action from a post-glacial lake 5,500 years ago. It is directly on the Bruce Trail - accessible from the end of Cape Chin North Road on the Bruce peninsula. It's unique formation makes this a true wonder of the earth and should not be missed on your trip "Down Cape Chin North Rd Tourist Area"

The Niagara Escarpment represents a "driftless area" in Southern Ontario, where the rock outcrops and landforms are exposed. .
 In some areas of the escarpment the hard dolomite rock is disintegrated, and shattered into small blocks, that remain precariously piled in position as unstable crags such as the stack known as the "Devil's Monument ", illustrated in the photo at left. This is located along the western shoreline of Georgian Bay on the Bruce Peninsula, where the escarpment drops away steeply into the lake to a depth of several hundred feet, and it is in a position that probably would have received maximum wear and tear from the motion of any former ice sheet over it. 


Cape Chin North Road Tourist Area is a volunteer organization devoted to bringing a variety of different cultural events and activities to Cape Chin each year to increase tourism, promote community spirit while raising money for local worthy causes at the same time. Businesses, employees, organizations and interested individuals volunteer all their time and talents at these fund-raising events and the events are looked forward to each year with eager anticipation by all. In fact, local business members of Cape Chin North Road Tourist Area receive high volumes of inquiries long before details of the current years activities are published, so popular have they become with tourists and local residents.



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